CV online

It has been two year since the moment that I updated my CV for PhD application. It was a nightmare using MS word to make a beautiful two-page pdf file. Mouse-click items, align section titles, change font bold and italics. A whole day gone. So, since I am getting used to Rmarkdown-generated documents for any particular purpose, why not make a CV from it?

I occasionally saw this post that uses Rmarkdown for making academic CV. It has nice latex format and essential introduction for every parameter. All I need is to adapt it to my own CV. And yeah, it only took me one hour or so to change the content, and then made it alive. Here is my CV. The pdf link is also shown on the home page of this website.

Unfortuntely, I haven’t really found out how to knit the Rmarkdown file with Chinese character and this particular CV format. The problem here is that the CV template uses different latex engine (pdflatex) rather than the latex engine (xelatex) that is required for ctex. Yihui has a minimal but great template for knitting Chinese Rmarkdown file into pdf (see this github file) using ctex. Now I am comfortable with the format without having any Chinese character. I would probably need to modify the CV format myself later if I have time to really dig into how latex and markdown work.

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