Build my data-driven CV

I came across this tweet by Nick Strayer (@NicholasStrayer) on how to make a data-driven CV.

As soon as I saw this tweet, I decided to abandon my latest CV made in latex and change it to a cool data-driven CV! This is one of the most enjoyable moment using R to make (future) life easier, subsequent to indexing my Rmd files for data analysis.

Having all Rmd for a project indexed is so relaxing.

Figure 1: Having all Rmd for a project indexed is so relaxing.

The blog post by Nick is really thorough so I am not going to go through it, but I do want to make a note for future me, in case I need to update my CV.

The data-driven CV is based on two packages: pagedown and tidyr. pagedown enables the html to be printable in a nice pdf format, and tidyr gets together the CV information from a single csv file. Plus, great thanks to Nick that wrote the R functions communicating the csv to a well-styled CV. For people with terrible sense of art design like me, the template and default settings for the CV are really helpful.

Workflow for future me updating

Here is my CV and a one-page resume. The content is not fully compeleted yet, so I save the workflow for future CV update:

  1. Update positions.csv that saves all personal CV information in a tidy format with well-defined variables.

  2. Knit the cv.Rmd and resume.Rmd with the parameter PDF_EXPORT <- TRUE.

  3. Publish the knitted html on Rpub to obtain the links. Export the local knitted html files into pdf format.

  4. For updating website pdf links, move the pdf files to folder static/pdf/.

  5. Push git commit and deploy the website.

Chang-Yu Chang
Chang-Yu Chang
PhD candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology