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* co-first authors

Emergent coexistence in multispecies microbial communities

Chang-Yu Chang, Djordje Bajic, Jean Vila, Sylvie Estrela, Alvaro Sanchez

Science (2023).


Top-down and bottom-up cohesiveness in microbial community coalescence

Juan Diaz-Colunga*, Nanxi Lu*, Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga*, Chang-Yu Chang, Helen S. Cai, Joshua E. Goldford, Mikhail Tikhonov, Alvaro Sanchez

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2022).

Functional attractors in microbial community assembly

Sylvie Estrela, Jean C C Vila, Nanxi Lu, Djordje Bajic, Maria Rebolleda-Gomez, Chang-Yu Chang, Joshua E Goldford, Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga, Alvaro Sanchez

Cell Systems (2021).

Directed Evolution of Microbial Communities

Alvaro Sanchez, Jean C C Vila, Chang-Yu Chang, Juan Diaz-Colunga, Sylvie Estrela, Marı́a Rebolleda-Gomez

Annual Review of Biophysics (2021).

Engineering complex communities by directed evolution

Chang-Yu Chang*, Jean C C Vila*, Madeline Bender, Richard Li, Madeleine C Mankowski, Molly Bassette, Julia Borden, Stefan Golfier, Paul Gerald L Sanchez, Rachel Waymack, Xinwen Zhu, Juan Diaz-Colunga, Sylvie Estrela, Maria Rebolleda-Gomez, Alvaro Sanchez

Nature Ecology & Evolution (2021).

Thread News and Views by Silvia De Monte Behind The Paper by Jean Vila Yale West Campus News

Artificially selecting bacterial communities using propagule strategies

Chang-Yu Chang*, Melisa L Osborne*, Djordje Bajic, Alvaro Sanchez

Evolution (2020).

Thread Digest by S. Aggarwal in Evolution

Ecological effects of cellular computing in microbial populations

Maia Baskerville*, Arielle Biro*, Mike Blazanin*, Chang-Yu Chang*, Amelia Hallworth*, Nicole Sonnert*, Jean C C Vila*, Alvaro Sanchez

Natural Computing (2018).